Detroit Internet Marketing Helps the Community

How was the turn out at the lost blood drive you put on?  Either way, it could have been better with the help of Detroit internet marketing.  There is no faster and easier way to spread word about a good cause like a blood drive.  What makes it so easy is people’s eagerness to spread the word about a noble cause; they feel involved just by passing it along.  Detroit internet marketing can cause news of your event to go viral and boost the amount of people who show up.

The first thing you can do to make use of the internet is publish a press release about your blood drive.  This releases the information for other websites to pick up and spread.  Local news websites are the type of sites you hope will find your press release and publish it to their own audience.  This is the first way to use Detroit internet marketing services to spread word of your blood drive.  Another way you can make use of Detroit internet marketing is by running a banner ad on your own website or on somebody else’s website.  You can contact local websites and see if they would be willing to put a banner ad up for your blood drive.  Many may be willing to do it for free since it is temporary and for a good cause.  If you have your own website post banner ads on there with the date, time and location of your blood drive.

You can also use local blogs that are related to your niche to make guest posts on.  Again many of the owners should allow you to post for free, as it gives the webmaster content and gets word out about a good cause.  When you make a guest post make sure it is well written and informative.  In this case you might consider writing about how giving blood saves so many people all over the world.  Then direct the reader to your event with the full details.

By far the best and fastest way to make your event viral with Detroit internet marketing is to use social media marketing, particularly Facebook.  Create a Facebook page specifically about your event, create a group around it and start spreading the word.  Utilize Facebook ads to reach people all over Detroit by focusing your ads on people that live specifically in Detroit.  These Facebook ads run on a pay per click basis, meaning you pay each time someone clicks on your ad (or they run on a per thousand impression basis but I recommend sticking with pay per click).

The great thing about using social media to promote a blood drive is that people are eager to share news of the event.  Even if they don’t attend you will reach thousands of people and have an army of workers talking about the event for you.  Using social media is totally free unless you decide to run a pay per click ad about the blood drive.  Using pay per click ads is a good idea because if done properly you can get fans to your page for less than one cent each in many cases.  There are not many advertising platforms that give you this type of value.  By taking advantage of Detroit internet marketing you can drive attendees to your event and help your community.  Your next blood drive will break records if you utilize all the information in this article.  Detroit internet marketing gives you opportunities to reach people that you have never had before.  With social media you can reach tens of thousands of people every day and because you are behind a good cause there will be no shortage of volunteers spreading your message on social media.